Child & Family Therapy

Child & Family Therapy

The child and adolescent years are filled with exciting experiences; however, this time can be a very trying developmental stage. Children are confronted with complex tasks and experiences for the first time and all too often find they lack the skills to manage them.

With years of experience of child & family work, I have a warm connection with children and adolescents and create a partnership filled with support, empathy and compassion. I help children develop the skills and abilities to thrive in their home, school and social environments. I work closely with parents who often just need coaching and new tools to manage parenting challenges they are faced with.

I have helped children express feelings, develop problem solving and decision making skills, reduce depression and anxiety, improve self-esteem and develop healthy coping strategies. I have helped families work together as a unit to communicate feelings, understand the child better, strengthen relationships, and develop effective strategies to reduce family conflict.

I specialize in working with children and families in the following areas:

• Depression and loneliness
• Anxiety, social discomfort
• Academic difficulties
• Alcohol and drug problems
• Self-esteem
• Identity struggles
• Grief and loss
• Trauma
• Separation and divorce
• Family Conflict