Couple Therapy

Couple Therapy

Couples show up in therapy often tangled up in their dynamics. They are frustrated and feeling stuck, without understanding the causes. Sometimes couples feel like relationship growth stays superficial until dynamics and patterns improve.

Drawing on my clinical and research experience with couples, I provide a setting to guide couples through the complexity of their dynamics to better understand their difficulties, and bring about desired change. I give structure and direction to help couples address unhealthy patterns, triggered reactions and projections. I offer tools to guide couples out of blaming, bickering and not feeling heard with each other and into being partners.

The changes that occur in therapy improve dynamics to help couples grow out of emotional distance and become open toward each other and connect at a more profound level. My clients are able to create a relationship that is nourishing, supportive, empowering, passionate, rich and fulfilling.

I specialize in working with couples around:

• Communication issues
• Reducing conflict
• Pre-marital compatibility
• Improving intimacy
• Commitment issues
• Repairing infidelity