Clinical Experience

Edgewood Center for Children and Families

Provided assessment, treatment planning and psychotherapy to adults, children and families.

Youth and Family Enrichment Services
Child and Family Therapist

Provided therapeutic services including conducted assessments, developed treatment plans, provided case management. Facilitated an adolescent group related to trauma.

Ohlhoff Recovery Programs
Adult and Adolescent Therapist

Provided intensive outpatient treatment for clients with drug and alcohol dependency. Conducted assessments, treatment plans and coordinated relapse prevention and after care planning.

The Family Institute at Northwestern University

Provided therapy for individuals, couples and families in a community outpatient setting.

Family Focus at Northwestern University

Provided family and child psychotherapy at a low income after school community program.

Nichols Middle School
Group Therapy leader

Led a six-week program focused on therapeutic group activities with seventh graders. Facilitated group discussion on leadership and group dynamics, collaboration on group tasks, the impact of social labels and conflict resolution skills.

Research Experience

The Family Institute at Northwestern University
SCID Interviewer

Administered and scored semi-structured diagnostic interviews using the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV (SCID) for researching the impact of depression and anxiety on couples.

University of California Berkeley
Research Assistant

Researched the role emotion regulation and aging plays on long-term marriages.

University of California Davis
Research Assistant

Researched a model of marital communication based on object relations theory. Trained on interviewing techniques used by Dr. John Gottman.

Teaching/ Training Experience

Family Therapy Group

Taught a family therapy course to clinicians and facilitated a reflecting team for families.

CASA Program

Trained volunteers in the San Mateo CASA program on the impact of trauma on children.